Frac Sand Testing with Material Spec Labs provides a uniquely certified and experienced Laboratory Team for:

  • State of the art frac sand testing services fully compliant to API 19C 2nd edition and ISO 13503-2
  • Frac sand laboratory auditing service
  • Consulting services for proppant characterization
  • Performance testing for frac sand sieves per ASTM E2427-18 and API 19C Sieve Calibration.
  • Proppant API 19C training course (see course overview and purchase)

MSL will provide the above via 3rd party sole source as an integral part of a proppant specifications QA/QC program.

Material Spec Labs

Providing the highest quality of third party testing compliant to the most current and comprehensive industry standards.

Proppant Standards

API ISO and ASTM what are they and why you should care – lets deep dive into the exciting world of proppant quality…

Proppant Testing Services -

Proppant performance and Conductivity studies in commercial reservoirs show a direct correlation to Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR).

19C Training Course

This certificate course is designed to help industry professionals better understand and effectively implement the processes, equipment requirements, and laboratory practices associated with the evaluation of proppants used in hydraulic fracturing.

Our team has over 50 years of relevant frac sand industry experience.  Petroleum Engineering, Geology, and ISO compliance for material testing.  20 years of API 19C / ISO13503-2 testing and product development for proppants.

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