Proppant Testing Services

Proppant performance and Conductivity studies in commercial reservoirs show a direct correlation to Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR).

Management, investors, partners, and engineering have a legal and financial obligation to affirm that the proppant being used meets API Standards for individual wells. Most industry companies strive to meet ISO 9001 standards for all equipment, materials and services.

MSL’s goal is to provide essential testing services compliant to ISO 17025: 2017 for industry to maintain proper QA/QC of proppant requirements and fulfill their ISO 9001 risk management commitments.

MSL testing services as per API 19C and ISO 13503-2 Standards provides clients essential documentation of proppant characteristics and performance such as:

  • Crush K Values, Identify the window of Crush a proppant meets,
  • Turbidity, Identifies the amount of associated clays in a proppant,
  • % Fines remaining, *Fines negatively affect Reservoir Conductivity and Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR).
  • Acid Solubility
  • Sphericity and Roundness
  • Loose Pack Bulk Density
  • Apparent Density
  • Sieve Analysis / Particle Size Distribution ASTM E11-20
  • Proppant Median Diameter