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Our team has over 50 years of relevant industry experience.  Petroleum Engineering, Geology, and ISO compliance for material testing.  20 years of API 19C / ISO13503-2 testing and product development for proppants.


  • MSL has a broad understanding of proppant performance requirements because of our professional background in  Prospect Development, Well Design, Planning, Economics, Environmental, Reservoir EUR, EOR, Operations: Horizontal Drilling, Multi-frac, Production design, WO, Optimization.
  • Our professional portfolio is domestic and international. In the US: Mid Continent, GOM, CA, WY, CO.  Internatioinally: North Africa Energy Equipment and Services (Sand Characterization).
  • MSL’s long standing commitment to industry standards is evident in our active involvement with API 19C and ASTM E11 Committees.
  • MSL has an extensive background in providing mechanical and chemical testing of Alluvial and Eollian Sands.

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